4000 Grafts Transplant

In the hair transplant procedure, we extract your follicles (grafts) from the back of your head (donor area) and transplant them to your bald or recipient area. During this extraction, we have to be very careful on deciding how many grafts we take because if we take to more than the necessary amount of grafts from your donor area, there might be damage on your donor area. You can see how it looks in the photo below.
Unfortunately, there is a very aggressive competition in hair transplant in Lahore and many companies offer improper graft quantities just to hoodwink the patients. That is why we are warning our patients all the time that they have to listen to our surgeons’ medical recommendations about the number of grafts.Of course, for some lucky people that are younger and have a strong and dense donor area, 4000 or more grafts are achievable but only with doctor’s recommendation.
It is better to undergo the procedure twice if necessary than to insist on a huge quantity of grafts in one procedure. If you accept two procedures, some amount of follicles will be taken in the first procedure, your donor area will get recovered, and you will be able to undergo the procedure once again within one year. Bear in mind that some patients are very happy with the results of the first procedures so they do not undergo the second procedures. In most cases, 3000-4000 grafts are enough.


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