FUT Hair Transplant (Strip Method)

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure, mostly followed by the process of detaching grafts/follicles from the back and sides of the head, which is more resistant to Androgen hormone and implanting the same in the areas of lesser growth of hair or baldness. There are 2 methods to remove the grafts, i.e., Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

The surgical restoration of hair performed by the technique of hair root extraction, either done by the follicular unit strip harvesting technique (FUT) or through the follicular unit extraction (FUE). The procedure Hairzone followed by the transferring process in which DHT-resistant hair roots are extracted via the technique of root transfer and finally implanted into the DHT-sensitive zone where the hair loss or baldness occurs. Hair transplant method has a goal to cover the recipient balding part in such a cosmetic.


What is the FUT Hair Transplant Technique?

FUT hair transplant or the follicular unit transplant involves the strip harvesting from the back and sides of the scalp where the hair roots are destined to remain permanent in nature. Since the FUT technique is done by the strip harvesting technique involves the simple incision and suture followed by the advanced closure technique, i.e., the Trichophytic closure. FUT technique gives the best permanent results because of the extraction of DHT-resistant hair roots.

In the FUE procedure, hairs are extracted individually, using minimally invasive technology. It may take one to four hours for your Bosley care team to complete this meticulous extraction process.Only follicles that are judged to have the highest chance of survival are selected for implantation. This step is crucial for the final outcome.



The Technique of FUT Procedure in Detail:

Grafts holding a small cluster of hairs are removed from the donor area of hair in a strip this procedure. The strip is then sent to the cutting room where under the higher magnifications of microscopes, grafts are cleaned and separated. Therefore, grafts are placed into the slits made in the bald area. These are naturally arising follicular units, which, if transplanted well, will replicate a natural growth in the bald area of the scalp.

The FUT hair restoration is the widely accepted technique, which is most suitable for covering the higher grade of Norwood class and also suitable for offering the high-density hair transplants on the patient’s scalp.

In the context of cost, the cost of hair transplant for the FUT procedure weighs less as compared to the FUE hair transplant that is also counted as the genuine option among the patients with the possibility of a higher number of grafts’ implantation.

Hair transplantation using the FUT method, also known as hair stripping method, is a technique developed in the early 1990s and was the first definitive solution for alopecia. The possibilities offered by the FUT-Strip hair transplant method, when combined with high-level surgical skills, aesthetic perception & experience, can lead to a purely natural result of high quality & aesthetics. FUT hair transplant technique is carried out by mass extracting hair follicles from the stable hair, i.e. the back and side of the head, and transplanting them into the receiving area of the thinning.


Advantages of FUT procedure

Scarless technique: The FUT technique is a scarless now as the modern Trichophytic closure is applied to overcome the issue of incision scar. We at Medispa centre, our Surgeon applies the trichophytic closure, and an advanced method of suture closing that gives the best scarless result, even after the strip harvesting method of the hair transplant technique. Therefore, we can say that the FUT technique is the best way to restore natural hair without having any kind of side effect or discomfort.

Covers higher bald area in a single sitting: The FUT technique is the best method to cover the maximum area of baldness. The strip of the skin allows a surgeon to extract the needed number of grafts as per the required density and coverage as a number of grafts extraction gets possible via the strip harvesting and it saves the time, energy, and money of the patients. Therefore, the FUT technique is the best way to deal with the density and coverage matter associated with the hair transplant procedure.

Gives an amazing result with a high-density hair transplant: The need for a high-density hair transplant is all easily possible to the FUT hair transplant. Since the extraction of a maximum number of grafts is possible with the FUT technique that fulfils the need for a high-density hair transplant surgery.

The Permanent results: The permanent result means one can get the long lasted hair follicles that remains forever on the scalp as the technique of FUT centrally focussed on the DHT-resistant hair root extraction. 


Limitations of FUT procedure

  • The patient must possess a stable, safe donor area in order to receive the FUT technique of hair transplant.
  • The patient must possess a healthy donor supply in order to get healthy hair roots.
  • Needs a highly trained team of technicians.
  • Must be performed by a Plastic Surgeon only.
  • The donor area for FUE is typically larger than for FUT. While the back of your scalp is typically harvested during FUT, your surgeon may tap into the upper, lower and side portions of your donor area in order to get the right amount of grafts for FUE.
  • Follicles are being harvested with a blind tubular punch, while a Follicular unit contains multiple follicles and their directions are different.
  • Less number of hair grow from transplanted follicles than FUT hair transplant Technique.This technique, maximum we can harvest up to 1500-2000 follicles from a safe-permanent zone