Painless Hair Transplant Surgery

Needle phobia and pain during injection with a needle is often an overlooked obstacle that may impede access to effective healthcare in hair transplantation. Needle phobia, defined as an intense, persistent and unreasonable fear of needles, affects more than 20% of the world population.

Hair transplantation procedure, it can be unsettling for those with who get scared from needles, as it often involves injection into the scalp for local anesthesia. Persons with a fear of needles can stay away from the hair transplant operation, but also from other medical operation. Most people are afraid of being injected.

With the developped medical technologies, now, it is possible to make a hair transplant with a local anesthesia without needles, for the ones who have fear of this last . Due to the special technology, it is possible to make a local anesthesia without using any needles…

Hair transplant is the surgical restoration of hair involves the hair root transfer in which DHT-resistant hair roots are extracted from the safe donor part of the scalp and further implanted into the recipient balding part of the scalp. The changing in the location of hair roots are made to meet the goal of the procedure with respect to obtaining the live hair grafts to fulfil the respective grade of baldness. This is the process by which a patient gets own hair back without even a single sort of side effects if performed well under the expert guidance of the best hair transplant surgeon


Which healthy areas are the hair roots are taken ?

Healthy hair roots are usually taken from the back and side of the hair of the patient’s head, if there is no type of hairloss , such as DUPA hair loss , the hair of the back and side is resisting to a hair loss.The type of the hair loss called M-type hair loss, is insensitive to testosterone . In this case the hair roots in this part remain healthy .After the donor area is locally anesthetized by needle hair transplant technique , healthy hair grafts are collected by the method of FUE. And then the needle is transferred to the sparsely localized areas by the hair transplantation technique.


How is the needle-free hair transplantation technique is applied for?

These techniques can be used in FUE technique and DHI too. In this method, local anesthesia is applied with a special device that is not needle at all. And the operation can be performed with a device called implanter or by laser techniques according to the preference of the person. In this way, patients who have hair loss problems and who want have a hair transplantation but afraid can benefit from this procedure due to the fear of needles.


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